A friend of mine tweeted this picture today and it made me laugh.  I am not above making mistakes and I understand that part of doing stuff like this is making gaffs like this also.  What struck me funny was not the mistake as much as the network making the mistake.  I am under no grand allusions about other networks, but the right seems to always be “right.”  I thought it was ironic that in this case the “right” was wrong.

Another case was posted today about a recent issue with Chick-Fil-A.  Apparently CFA’s donation of boxed lunches to an “Art of Marriage” seminar was seen as someone as anti-gay.  In this case the “left” was wrong.  But then a baptist church in Arkansas had a member send out an email to the whole church encouraging them to go buy CFA and support their stand against the “homos.”  C’mon…the “right” was wrong…way wrong.

I acknowledge that for much of my life, I would have fallen on the “right” side and my arrogance proved to be quite the gorge between me and many of my friends.  Being on the “right” doesn’t mean I am always “right” and being on the “left” doesn’t mean I am either.  I make mistakes, I misjudge others and I have to face my own prejudices towards those around me.  My experience has taught me that it’s much easier to love my neighbors when I keep this in mind.